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  • Helping Former Prisoners In Iran

    Blog | 20 July 2018

    Open Doors partners run trauma care training for Christian prisoners from Iran. We spoke to Saman and Morad. They are both ex-prisoners from Iran, and shared their experience in prison. They reminded us that suffering for Christ often comes with doubt, pa...

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  • What's It Like To Be A Christian Living In An Islamic Country During Ramadan?

    Blog | 16 May 2017

    This article first featured in Frontline Faith Magazine - Discovering Jesus, click here to read.Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It marks the month Muslims commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad. For many...

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  • Christ in the Heart of Islam

    Blog | 27 June 2017

    The Arabian Peninsula is home to some of Islam’s most holy places and most strict regimes. It's not an easy place to follow Christ, and yet God is moving in miraculous ways. Both foreign workers and locals are learning to know Christ and follow Him, de...

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  • “It’s A Privilege To Be Persecuted” – India

    Blog | 8 August 2018

    India is the 11th most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian. Bahia* is a 22-year-old Bible school student from India. Committed to following Jesus no matter the cost, Bahia is the future of the church in a country increasingly intolerant of C...

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  • What Do The Palm Sunday Attacks Mean For Egyptian Christians?

    Blog | 12 April 2017

    On Palm Sunday two Egyptian churches north of Cairo were attacked by suicide bombers. At least 44 people were killed and over 100 injured. We spoke to Arif*, the manager of an Open Doors' local partners in Egypt. He shares how this attack affected the wh...

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  • Brother Andrew: “We Are Here For The Book”

    Blog | 19 July 2018

    “Don’t ever forget we are here for the Book.”It’s the message Brother Andrew has devoted himself to ever since he first said “yes” to God’s call 63 years ago to serve and strengthen the persecuted church. It was also the message he shared on...

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  • Love vs Fear

    Blog | 2 November 2017

    This article featured in Frontline Faith Magazine - Love > Fear, click here to read.Yes And No.Who could have ever imagined the impact those two words would have on our society?To be upfront and clear, this is not a blog about same-sex marriage or t...

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  • 9 ways to pray for Christians in Syria

    Blog | 1 March 2018

    The Syrian conflict has consumed the world’s news headlines since it began in March 2011. For Christians in Syria, the war that has lasted nearly eight years. And whilst the fighting isn’t over, we still believe there’s hope.The Islamic State have...

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  • Writing Campaigns

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    Encourage Eldos From Central Asia In some parts of Central Asia, leaving Islam to follow Jesus can have severe consequences. When Eldos converted to Christianity, he was beaten severely by Islamic extremists. They forced him to deny Jesus and become a...

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  • Gifts of Hope

    Blog | 6 December 2017

    Welcome To Gifts Of Hope!The gifts in this Gift Catalogue are linked directly with our work in the field, supporting the persecuted church. Buy a gift for your friends and family this Christmas, you'll receive a free 'Hope' Greeting Card. (Order by 15 De...

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