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  • Global Impact Appeal

    Projects & Appeals

    Global Impact Appeal The cost of faith has never been higher. Will you give to strengthen the persecuted churc...

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  • Podcast: The Wrestle - Episode 6

    Blog | 5 March 2018

    Open Doors LIVE is a new, monthly podcast from Open Doors New Zealand, hosted by Mike Gore and James Kozina. This podcast brings the persecuted church to life, with each episode containing life changing stories, accurate updates on events and trends in p...

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  • North Korea | World Leaders Meet While The Country Starves

    Prayer News

    ... stalemate between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, the food crisis is worsening.The second meeting between the two leaders took place in Vietnam on 27 February. Kim and Trump met to negotiate the denuclearisation of North Korea and the sanctions imposed aga...

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  • An Outsider In Southeast Asia

    Blog | 20 January 2020

    “They look at us Christians like outsiders. Like Hepatitis C, they say we have the ‘Double C Virus.’ Chins and Christians.”Tun* belongs to a minority tribe in Southeast Asia, called the Chin. In his country, the law states that citizens must be Bu...

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  • 62 Years of Bible Delivery

    Blog | 26 April 2018

    Brother Andrew was a young man when he was enlisted in the Dutch Army. He was seriously wounded in Indonesia and during his time in hospital, he noticed something different about the Christians around him. “One day I asked the nun who came to bathe me...

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