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  • Building Up The Church

    Blog | 12 February 2020

    Tags: North Africa,Training

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  • Eritrea | Authorities Seize Religious Schools

    Prayer News

    Seven secondary schools run by religious minorities, including Christians, have been targeted and seized by authorities. Security forces stormed the school compounds and demanded the handover of control.In Eritrea, the government considers religion a thre...

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  • The Local Church Solution

    Blog | 28 August 2017

    Iraq. Syria. North Korea. Somalia. Nigeria. How do you even start finding solutions in countries like these? How do you heal a nation like Syria, rebuild in Iraq or solve the famine in Nigeria? We’re Not Trying To Save The Persecuted Church Often ou...

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  • 7 Things That Have Changed My Faith In 2017

    Blog | 14 December 2017

    ... the persecuted church. As we come to the end of 2017, I wanted to share 7 events that shaped and challenged my faith this year.1. North KoreaIn 2017, international tensions have never been higher with North Korea. Since 2002, this has been the most dange...

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  • Egypt's Christians Under Attack In North Sinai

    Blog | 8 March 2017

    At least seven Christians have been killed in the last two months in Arish, Egypt. In North Sinai, the area connecting Egypt and Israel, Christians are facing a fierce campaign from Islamic terrorists. Many Christians are now fleeing their homes to find...

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  • 62 Years of Bible Delivery

    Blog | 26 April 2018

    Brother Andrew was a young man when he was enlisted in the Dutch Army. He was seriously wounded in Indonesia and during his time in hospital, he noticed something different about the Christians around him. “One day I asked the nun who came to bathe me...

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  • Kenya | 11 Christians Lose Lives In Attack

    Prayer News

    11 Christians have lost their lives in an attack by Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab on Kenya’s border. The Christians, along with over 40 other locals, were travelling on a bus from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, to the north-eastern regions.Islamic ex...

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  • Give Monthly

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    Subscribe To The Survival Of The Persecuted Church Your monthly subscription will strengthen the Church, rebuild lives and bring hope to the body of Christ.  ...

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  • Podcast: From India to North Africa - Episode 4

    Blog | 8 February 2018

    Open Doors LIVE is a new, monthly podcast from Open Doors New Zealand, hosted by Mike Gore and James Kozina.   Episode 4 OverviewIn this episode…This in-betweener-sode gives you an inside look at the life and ministry of the CEO of Open Doors New Zea...

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  • Dare To Connect

    Blog | 26 February 2019

    Dean Keaney has spent much of his life connecting the local church with the persecuted church worldwide. When Dean and his wife Becky packed up their lives in Colorado and moved to Sydney, Australia in 1978, they were answering the call of a God who had m...

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