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  • Lee And Hyo Joo-Chan From North Korea: Part 2

    Blog | 2 March 2017

    Lee Joo-Chan And Hyo From North Korea: Part 1How has North Korea managed to remain the number one most dangerous country for Christians for the last 16 years? Let’s go back over a decade, to see what life was like when it first topped the World Watch Li...

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  • Disciple Believers In North Africa

    Projects & Appeals

    Disciple Believers In North Africa “If this training did not exist, the church would not last over time. Thi...

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  • Muskathlon

    Events & Fundraisers

    SOUTH KOREA 2019 In October 2019 Open Doors will be sending a team from New Zealand and Australian to South Korea to run, cycle and hike all while raising funds for the persecuted Church.Each athlete is set the challenge of raising $10,000 fo...

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  • Key Events From The Most Dangerous Places To Follow Jesus

    Blog | 16 January 2020

    ... to follow Jesus, has now been released.Here is what has happened in the past year in the most dangerous places to be a Christian.North Korea, #1 on the 2020 World Watch ListNorth Korea has been the most dangerous place on the planet to follow Jesus for...

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  • Freed From North Korea: Pastor Lim Shares His Story with Joyful Church

    Blog | 8 September 2017

    ... on Sunday (13 August) in welcoming home their Senior Pastor, Hyeon Soo Lim, held for more than two years of a life sentence in a North Korean labor camp. The church was also crowded with media personnel recording the significant and almost unexpected ret...

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  • What We Do

    About Us

    Iraq - A Bakery With A Difference Your help makes a difference “Thank you. Without your support we could do nothing.” - Pastor Jamal*Pastor Jamal leads a church in Lebanon and welcomes refugees into his church. He wants to help those...

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  • The Five Hardest People In Your Life To Shop For

    Blog | 12 December 2019

    The season of gift-giving (and shopping) is well underway, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve already got a lot of it covered. Now the only people left are the hardest ones to shop for.Well, we’ve heard your cries. Here are the five hardest peop...

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  • The Elephant in The Room

    Blog | 18 October 2016

    When we think of Christian persecution, our thoughts normally rush to the Middle East, or to countries like China or North Korea. But there is a rapid growth in persecution in another part of the world. Persecution and Islamic extremism is spreading and...

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  • 2019 World Watch List: 1 in 9 Christians Persecuted For Their Faith

    Blog | 16 January 2019

    The 2019 World Watch List has been released. It shows that persecution is increasing around the world, and the 50 most dangerous countries for Christians.“The World Watch List shows that where the gospel is being shared, persecution exists. The reason...

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  • Eritrea

    Country Profile Page

    Eritrea is a dangerous place for Christians. With no guaranteed religious freedoms, anyone who speaks out against the government risks severe consequences. Christian activity is monitored with the intention of finding Bible teachers and church leaders. Th...

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