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  • INDIA | Hindu ReConversion Campaign Aims At Christians

    Prayer News

    Indian national extremist group known as the VHP has launched a ‘re-conversion campaign’ in the country’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh, encouraging religious minorities to follow strict Hindu practices.In a statement to the media, the VHP’s pre...

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  • Why Easter Is Dangerous For The Church in India

    Blog | 27 March 2019

    A leader of a Hindu extremist group has declared he will rid India of Christianity by 2021. Attacks tend to increase as the church gathers which is why Easter is becoming an increasingly dangerous time to attend church.During last year’s Easter celebrat...

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  • Podcast: India - The Strong, Suffering Church - Episode 16

    Blog | 21 September 2018

    ... discussion.  Episode 16 OverviewHindu extremists have declared the end of Christianity by the year 2021. But in spite of this, the church in India continues to grow.In this episode:Hear James interview our local partner and speake

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  • Why We Need To Talk About India

    Blog | 9 August 2018

    In India, persecution is increasing as Hindu extremists vow to eradicate Christianity by 2021. According the 2018 World Watch List, India is ranked the 11th hardest country in the world to follow Jesus.In July 2018, 16 Christians were detained under th...

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  • “It’s A Privilege To Be Persecuted” – India

    Blog | 8 August 2018

    India is the 11th most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian. Bahia* is a 22-year-old Bible school student from India. Committed to following Jesus no matter the cost, Bahia is the future of the church in a country increasingly intolerant of C...

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  • Podcast: From India to North Africa - Episode 4

    Blog | 8 February 2018

    ... is the story of his unconventional origins, upbringing and the moments that brought him here. He’ll take you on a journey from India to North Africa, and the mome

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    Blog | 12 September 2019

    When Areefa* and her husband became Christians, their relatives noticed a change in them.“When my husband and I started to grow in our faith, everything improved,” Areefa said. “God blessed us, my husband stopped drinking, and we both worked very ha...

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  • God Is Radically Transforming People & Villages Across India

    Blog | 28 December 2016

    ... Acts, the gospel is being preached, people are being healed, families are turning to Jesus - and persecution is intensifying in India.This article was featured in Frontline Faith Magazine – The Book Of Acts Edition. Image: Rajesh and his wife. This Is...

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  • Projects & Appeals

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    Emergency Relief Give Emergency Relief To Persecuted ChristiansChristians are facing increased persecution during this pandemic. Not only are they isolated and discriminated for their faith, but Christians are often the las...

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  • Five Reasons to Celebrate 2018

    Blog | 20 December 2018

    At Open Doors, 2018 has been a huge year as we’ve worked together to strengthen the local church in some of the hardest places on the planet to be a Christian. Persecution has increased, but the gospel continues to spread.Here are five ways you made a...

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