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  • Podcast: Our Heritage Edition - Episode 12

    Blog | 13 June 2018

    Tags: Asia,China,History,Podcast

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  • The Church In China - Thriving In The Midst Of Persecution

    Blog | 12 February 2019

    ... leaders who reach out to Muslims and new Christians. Grace is one of these leaders.Image: Woman reading a Bible in a church in Xian, China.Grace is

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  • Gifts That Won’t Collect Dust

    Blog | 25 November 2019

    Tags: Bibles,China,Gifts of Hope,North Korea,Practical Support

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  • A Changing China

    Blog | 8 February 2018

    The 2018 World Watch List launched this month revealing the top 50 most dangerous countries in the world to follow Jesus. China, a nation with a well-known history of persecution, came in at #43. In 2011, China was ranked as the 21st hardest place to be...

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  • Dare To Connect

    Blog | 26 February 2019

    Dean Keaney has spent much of his life connecting the local church with the persecuted church worldwide. When Dean and his wife Becky packed up their lives in Colorado and moved to Sydney, Australia in 1978, they were answering the call of a God who had m...

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  • Podcast: Around The World In Persecution - Episode 20

    Blog | 25 January 2019

    ... stories, accurate updates on events and trends in persecution, and biblically based discussion.  Episode 20 OverviewWhat do Russia, China and Algeria all have in common? They are in the top 50 hardest countries to be a Christian. This episode of the Op...

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  • Radical Faith In A North Korean Prison Camp

    Blog | 16 August 2017

    ... famine of 1997. Her daughter was only in her mid-twenties when she starved to death in their home.Hea Woo’s husband escaped to China, there he found God. But he was found and arrested by the North Korean secret police, and six months later he died in a...

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  • Could Kim Jong-Un be Setting Up North Korea For Revival?

    Blog | 10 May 2017

    ... last few weeks I’ve read post after post on my newsfeed of the tension increasing between North Korea and the US, South Korea and China. It made me think particularly of the church in North Korea.On top of being one of the most oppressive countries in...

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  • 62 Years of Bible Delivery

    Blog | 26 April 2018

    Brother Andrew was a young man when he was enlisted in the Dutch Army. He was seriously wounded in Indonesia and during his time in hospital, he noticed something different about the Christians around him. “One day I asked the nun who came to bathe me...

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  • Lee And Hyo Joo-Chan From North Korea: Part 1

    Blog | 22 February 2017

    How has North Korea managed to remain the number one most dangerous country for Christians for the last 16 years? Let’s go back over a decade, to see what life was like when it first topped the World Watch List.Lee Joo-Chan and his son Hyo experienced...

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