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  • Small Gift, Big Difference

    Blog | 3 September 2018

    Dean Keaney moved from Denver, USA to start the Open Doors Australia base in 1977, with the intention of reaching China with the gospel.In 1979, Open Doors was part of a successful smuggling operation that delivered 30,000 New Testaments into southern Chi...

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  • A Heart For North Korea

    Blog | 7 February 2019

    For the last 18 years, North Korea has been the most dangerous place in the world to follow Jesus, according to the World Watch List.Ironically, North Korea is the most religious country in the world. All of its 22 million citizens must worship leader...

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  • Dare To Connect

    Blog | 26 February 2019

    Dean Keaney has spent much of his life connecting the local church with the persecuted church worldwide. When Dean and his wife Becky packed up their lives in Colorado and moved to Sydney, Australia in 1978, they were answering the call of a God who had m...

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  • Four Answered Prayers From North Korea

    Blog | 14 June 2018

    Many of our supporters have been praying faithfully for the persecuted church for years. We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your commitment to the suffering church by sharing some of the ways your prayers have been answered.Here are four ans...

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  • What's It Like To Be A Christian Living In An Islamic Country During Ramadan?

    Blog | 16 May 2017

    This article first featured in Frontline Faith Magazine - Discovering Jesus, click here to read.Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It marks the month Muslims commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad. For many...

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  • Christ in the Heart of Islam

    Blog | 27 June 2017

    The Arabian Peninsula is home to some of Islam’s most holy places and most strict regimes. It's not an easy place to follow Christ, and yet God is moving in miraculous ways. Both foreign workers and locals are learning to know Christ and follow Him, de...

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  • “It’s A Privilege To Be Persecuted” – India

    Blog | 8 August 2018

    India is the 11th most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian. Bahia* is a 22-year-old Bible school student from India. Committed to following Jesus no matter the cost, Bahia is the future of the church in a country increasingly intolerant of C...

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  • Why Easter Is Dangerous For The Church in India

    Blog | 27 March 2019

    A leader of a Hindu extremist group has declared he will rid India of Christianity by 2021. Attacks tend to increase as the church gathers which is why Easter is becoming an increasingly dangerous time to attend church.During last year’s Easter celebrat...

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  • 5 Of The Biggest Moments From The Persecuted Church In 2016

    Blog | 11 January 2017

    This article was written by Mike Gore, CEO Open Doors Australia.Each year I try to pause and reflect on the biggest events from the last 12 months. I want to remember the moments that shook my world, and the moments when I saw God at work the most. Here a...

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  • 62 Years of Bible Delivery

    Blog | 26 April 2018

    Brother Andrew was a young man when he was enlisted in the Dutch Army. He was seriously wounded in Indonesia and during his time in hospital, he noticed something different about the Christians around him. “One day I asked the nun who came to bathe me...

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