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  • 2019 World Watch List: 1 in 9 Christians Persecuted For Their Faith

    Blog | 16 January 2019

    The 2019 World Watch List has been released. It shows that persecution is increasing around the world, and the 50 most dangerous countries for Christians.“The World Watch List shows that where the gospel is being shared, persecution exists. The reason...

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  • Podcast: Choosing Fear Over Love: A Christian Response to Islam - Episode 36

    Blog | 11 May 2020

    Open Doors LIVE is a monthly podcast from Open Doors New Zealand hosted by Mike Gore, James Kozina and Jocelyn Goto.This podcast brings the persecuted church to life, with each episode containing life-changing stories that mentor us in our faith as we lea...

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  • Lessons From The Persecuted Church

    Blog | 11 July 2019

    Every Christian is trying to figure out how to follow Jesus in today’s world. Though we often feel a world away from our persecuted brothers and sisters, their faith and courageous Christianity should inspire and challenge our own.These are the faith-ch...

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  • South Asia Floods: How the Church Is Responding

    Blog | 14 September 2017

    Over a thousand people have lost their lives in the floods sweeping through south Asia. Around a third of Nepal, Bangladesh and some parts of India have been under water since mid-August.In Bangladesh alone, 5.7 million people have been affected by the fl...

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  • A Worship Journey Into Broken Places

    Blog | 26 July 2018

    Hillsong Worship hosted a masterclass at Hillsong Conference in Sydney, in partnership with Open Doors.‘A Worship Journey to Broken Places’ was full of stories from the field and the way God is building his Church, even in some of the darkest places i...

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  • 2020 World Watch List | 1 In 8 Christians Persecuted

    Prayer News

    Open Doors has just released the 2020 World Watch List, showing the 50 most dangerous countries to follow Jesus. This is a chance to be informed of the extent of persecution, to be confronted by its nature, and to ultimately be encouraged by those who hav...

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  • Azerbaijan

    Country Profile Page

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  • From Criminal to Christian

    Blog | 17 May 2017

    After a lifetime of crime, abuse and darkness, Tajib described himself as the “epitome of evil”. But in a moment, when Tajib discovered Jesus, his life was changed. Tajib’s story proves the love of God can melt any hardened, broken heart in a moment...

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  • What We Do

    About Us

    Iraq - A Bakery With A Difference Your help makes a difference “Thank you. Without your support we could do nothing.” - Pastor Jamal*Pastor Jamal leads a church in Lebanon and welcomes refugees into his church. He wants to help those...

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  • Maldives

    Country Profile Page

    Maldivian Christians must keep their faith completely secret. Authorities declare the country to be 100% Muslim. Leaving Islam is not tolerated, and those discovered to be Christian are stripped of their citizenship and risk being arrested, harassed or os...

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