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  • Africa Edition

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    Frontline Faith Magazine Issue 3, 2016

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  • The Elephant in The Room

    Blog | 18 October 2016

    ... there is a rapid growth in persecution in another part of the world. Persecution and Islamic extremism is spreading and growing in Africa.Over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of visiting believers across North Africa. I saw firsthand the des...

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  • From Muslim Sheikh To Secret Believer

    Blog | 10 May 2018

    Tags: Africa,Uganda

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  • How You Made A Difference In Nigeria

    Blog | 7 August 2018

    Tags: Africa,Nigeria

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  • Choose Your Region

    Frontline Partners

    Choose From Where Most Needed, Middle East, Africa & Asia Where Most NeededAfricaAsiaMiddle East...

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  • Saved From Death

    Blog | 2 May 2018

    This article was featured in our Frontline Faith Magazine.Traveling home from an Open Doors seminar in East Africa, Christian students saw a young Muslim man tying a rope around a tree.They stopped, and asked what he was doing.“I want to kill myself,...

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  • The Half Yearly Challenge

    Blog | 13 June 2018

    In 2018 your support has brought much-needed funds to the five most difficult countries on the planet to be a Christian - North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Pakistan.Your donations are currently on the ground, helping build the Church and advanc...

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  • Podcast: From India to North Africa - Episode 4

    Blog | 8 February 2018

    ... his unconventional origins, upbringing and the moments that brought him here. He’ll take you on a journey from India to North Africa, and the mome

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  • Morocco

    Country Profile Page

    ... respected, Christians are still restricted because of their faith.Our Work Through our local partners, we support the church in North Africa through biblical training, literature distribution, advocacy, and socio-economic development projects....

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  • Ethiopia

    Country Profile Page

    Despite being one of the first Christian nations in Africa, Ethiopia is being influenced by surrounding Islamic countries. Muslims who convert to Christianity are often cut off from their families.The Ethiopian Orthodox Church also plays a large part in...

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