Sources of PersecutionCommunist Oppression
Christian Population8,555,000
GovernmentCommunist State
LeaderPresident Nguyễn Phú Trọng


In Communist Vietnam, Christians are accused of betraying their identity and culture. Christianity is viewed as a foreign religion with no place in Vietnam. Communist authorities view the church as a threat.

New believers have their rights stripped away from them and are often forced flee their homes to escape violence. Some Christian children from ethnic minorities are not allowed to attend school because of their new faith. Those who continue to go to school are discriminated. They don’t receive the same attention as other children and often have their medical needs neglected.

Printing the Bible is restricted in Vietnam, making it hard for Christians to grow in their faith. Many believers lack basic Bible knowledge, leaving them vulnerable to false teaching. Any public expression of Christianity can lead to imprisonment.


“Everything must come back to the origin – the Word of God.” – Bao, a Christian from Vietnam.

Bao distributes children’s Bibles in Vietnam. They are not only used as gifts for children, but also to introduce adults to the Word of God.

“We have to prepare the next generation,” Bao said. “So that they can see the Word of God and live in faithfulness. I believe the young generation will be the generation to do mighty things for God.”

Our Work

Open Doors provides emergency relief for Christians affected by violent persecution. Through local partners, we also provide Bibles to the local church in their own language and train leaders in pastoral care.

Pray for Vietnam

Pray for protection for Christians as they suffer from violent persecution for the name of Jesus.

Pray believers will have access to Bibles and can be strengthened in their faith.

Pray the church will not be misled by false teaching, but will encourage one another to recognise the truths of God.

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