RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population744,000
GovernmentAuthoritarian Presidential Republic
LeaderPresident Bashar al-Assad


Even though Christians have been in Syria since the first century, they comprise only 4% of the population. Since the war broke out in 2011, Islamic extremist groups have operated more openly. These groups, including Islamic State, seek to remove Christianity from Syria.

Christians have been targeted in violent attacks or forced to flee the country. In areas controlled by Islamic extremists, most historic churches have been either demolished or turned into Islamic centres. Public expressions of Christian faith are prohibited, and church buildings or monasteries are prevented from being repaired.

Persecution is worst for those who leave Islam to become a Christian. They are pressured to renounce Jesus, as their new faith dishonours the family.

Pray for Syria

Pray for peace and provision for Christian in times of extreme conflict.

Pray that persecutors will experience the love of God and have their hearts changed.

Pray that believers who choose to remain in Syria will find joy and strength in the Lord amidst persecution.


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