RegionEastern Europe/Asia
Sources of PersecutionDictatorial Paranoia
Christian Population118,027,000
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Federation
LeaderPresident Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


In the Caucasus region, Islamic extremists are fighting to establish a Muslim emirate. Many Christians who find themselves caught in the violence are forced to flee their homes. Christians from a Muslim background in these regions experience the worst persecution, both at the hands of family and friends, as well as from their local communities.

As violent activity increases, many churches have seen their membership drop. Unregistered churches active in evangelism may also face obstructions and are often surveyed and interrogated by local authorities. Christian leaders have been fined and arrested; Christians are forbidden from openly sharing their faith.

The government favours the Russian Orthodox Church, often at the expense of other Christian groups. Almost 80% of the population belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church, and anyone outside of this faith is viewed with a level of suspicion. This has created tension with other denominations of Christianity, particularly Protestants.

Pray for Russia

Pray for unity between denominations within the Russian church.

Pray that Christians will continue to boldly share the Word of God, particularly within Islamic regions.

Pray that the Word of God will reach the hearts of persecutors.