Sources of PersecutionReligious Nationalism
Christian Population1,279,000
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
LeaderPrime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli


Persecution stems mainly from Hindu extremists who are seeking to make Nepal a Hindu state, with ethnic tensions adding to the pressure. Threats have forced some Christians to flee their homes and villages. Extremists have attacked believers and even bombed churches. Authorities do little to stop threats and attacks against Christians.

Laws restrict freedom of religion and anti-conversion legislation places limitations on sharing the gospel. In the last year, several Christians have been arrested for sharing their faith, and others have been abducted and severely beaten.

Converts from Hinduism are put under the most pressure as they are viewed as dishonouring the faith of their ancestors. They experience pressure from their family, friends, community and local authorities to return to their former faith.

Pray for Nepal

Pray that believers will to be salt and light in their communities as they persevere in faith.

Pray that Bibles will reach believers who are in most need of support and encouragement.

Pray that leaders of Nepal will come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour.


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