RegionLatin America
Sources of PersecutionOrganised Corruption
Christian Population125,347,000
GovernmentFederal Republic
LeaderPresident Andrés Manuel López Obrador


Organised crime and corruption play a large role in the persecution of Christians in Mexico. Criminal gangs and indigenous communities are responsible for attacks, fines, isolation and imprisonment of believers. Some Christians are denied access to basic services including water, electricity and education. Christians who publicly express their views are subject to criticism and harassment.


“I’m not a victim of persecution, I’m blessed by God… I now understand that the persecution we endure is a blessing in disguise and that we can also be a blessing to others.” – Silvia, Christian from Mexico.

Silvia’s husband was beaten, imprisoned and rejected from the community because of his faith in Jesus. After 23 days without seeing him, Silvia was finally reunited with her husband.

Our Work

Open Doors works to strengthen the Mexican church by equipping them to share the gospel, preparing them for future persecution and advocacy to address to root cause of persecution at local, federal and regional levels.

Pray for Mexico

Pray for Christians to be faithful in the face of increasing ideological pressure.

Pray for strength and courage for church leaders who are often the target of attacks.

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