RegionMiddle East
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population225,000
GovernmentFederal Republic
LeaderPresident Barham Salih


Iraqi society is becoming more Islamic and corruption in the country has led to Christians losing their land and homes. Despite cities being liberated from the Islamic State, thousands of fighters remain in Iraq. Whilst it has been safe for some Christians to return home, many have struggled to stay due to lack of jobs. Traditional and evangelical churches have been divided for many years. However, some church leaders have said the Islamic State helped unify the church.


“For the majority of us, ISIS was a wakeup call. We were all busy with our lives, gathering money and putting money aside, but it made us wake up and cry for God.” – Shlama*, Open Doors local partner from Iraq.

Shlama shared how difficulties are just an opportunity for God to move in our lives. Living in Iraq, her experiences of persecution have increased her faith and reliance on God.

Our Work

Through local partners, Open Doors is supporting the church in Iraq by providing micro-loans, emergency relief, distributing Bibles and Christian literature and training church leaders.

Pray for Iraq

Pray for jobs so Christians can remain in Iraq and be the light of Jesus in their community.

Pray the church can continue to bring healing to the nation of Iraq.

Pray for those who were impacted by violence caused by Islamic extremists, that they are able to forgive their persecutors.

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