RegionCentral Asia
Sources of PersecutionIslamic Oppression
Christian Population1,000
GovernmentIslamic Republic
LeaderPresident Ashraf Ghani


Officially there are no local Christians in Afghanistan. Believers are in hiding. There are individual followers of Christ and small groups of believers, but no organised church.

Afghan citizens are not allowed to become Christians, and both their communities and families put them under immense pressure to ensure they don’t convert. Leaving Islam to become a Christian is seen as a betrayal and brings shame to Muslim families. Relatives will do everything they can to bring converts back to Islam, including acts of violence.

Christians have to be cautious and living out their faith in public is basically impossible, even within close circles of family and friends. If their faith is discovered, Christians can face severe consequences. They could be excluded from their community, have their home destroyed, be admitted to a mental institution or be killed for following Jesus.


“When I brought the New Testament into my house… I began to read from the Bible and she started to walk!” – Saif*, secret believer in Afghanistan.

Saif first heard the gospel on a Christian radio broadcast and was given a New Testament by a friend. When Saif brought the Bible home and read it, his daughter, who was unable to move, began to walk. This was the moment that Saif came to faith; a faith that brings daily pressure.

Our Work

Through local partners we support the church in Afghanistan by providing trauma counselling, pastor’s training programs and emergency relief to victims of violent persecution.

Pray for Afghanistan

Pray for secret believers in Afghanistan to grow in number and unity.

Pray the Lord would comfort isolated Christians and bring them peace in the face of fear and persecution.

Pray that believers will be encouraged to live faithfully and to share the gospel despite the risks they face.

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