Saudi Arabia | Relatives Falsely Accuse Believer

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By Emily Watt | 22 June 2021

Relatives have falsely accused Saudi Arabian believer Adam* of stealing money from the family business. He has now been sentenced.

This is not the first time Adam’s relatives have accused him of this crime. A judge dismissed their first case in April for lack of evidence. Unhappy with the decision, the relatives accused him again at another court, allegedly influencing the judge for a new verdict.

This time, Adam was sentenced and handed a fine of 300,000 SAR (over 100,000 NZD).

One of his closest friends, Rasheed*, said, “Last week he joined us during our meeting as a church. We laid hands on him, prayed, wept. It was a long time of prayer. I believe it went on for three and a half hours. Adam cried. At a certain moment, he asked me if I would help his children go to university. He fell on the ground and cried and cried. We comforted him and then he started praising and worshipping.

“Adam is a strong believer. He puts himself in danger for the sake of others. He is open about his faith. He wants other people to know Jesus too. He is very active in sharing about his faith publicly. Sometimes he leaves Bibles behind in the great mosque. In a restaurant, he shared about Jesus to a group of friends. Sad enough, one of them betrayed him.”

For this reason, Adam is also facing accusations of evangelism.

Will you join us in praying over Adam and his family?

*Names changed for security purposes.

Pray For Saudi Arabia

  • Pray for provision over Adam’s family.
  • Pray Christians will share the gospel boldly and that the Saudi church will continue to grow.
  • Pray God will change the hearts of the relatives accusing Adam.

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