India | Christmas Service-Goers Threatened

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By Emily Watt | 21 December 2020

The leader of a Hindu nationalist group in India has forbidden Hindus from participating in any Christian celebrations.

Mithun Nath, a leader of the extreme Bajrang Dal group, has threatened violence against those who visit a church during Christmas.

He said, “Hindus will be beaten up. The Christians will lock our temples’ gates and we will go to have fun in their churches. I condemn such Hindus. They need to be taught a lesson.

“No Hindus will be allowed to visit churches. If anyone does, Bajrang Dal will give its reply.”

A few days after the comments, Nath gave a follow up statement:

“We will not beat them but will definitely stop them. There are ways to restrict. We might talk to them or start awareness initiatives.

“I am not against Christians or celebrating Christmas. I just told people of my religion to have some self-respect.”

The local Cachar District Administration has since asked for police to investigate Nath’s reported “inflammatory speech”.

This Christmas time, please be praying for the Indian church.

Pray For India:

  • Please pray Indian believers may celebrate Christmas in safety with eyes set on the Lord above all else.
  • Pray for radical leaders like Mithun Nath. Pray God will be transforming hearts to glorify Him.
  • Pray this Christmas will be a time of peace and joy for the Church worldwide.

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