Afghanistan | Refugees Continue To Flee

Thousands of Afghans are fleeing into neighbouring countries after the Taliban’s takeover. We asked our local Central Asian contacts what is happening and how you can pray today.
By Emily Watt | 1 November 2021

Egypt | | Family Attacked by Extremist

A family of three were attacked and seriously wounded by a neighbour in Al-Nasriyah. Despite their injuries, Egyptian authorities labelled the attack “a normal quarrel”.
By Emily Watt | 12 December 2019

Iran | Christians Imprisoned for Their Faith

Iranian Authorities have sentenced nine Christian men to five years in prison, accused of “acting against national security”.
By Murray Noble | 21 November 2019

Syria | An Update On The Conflict

A month ago, the conflict in northern Syria escalated when Turkish troops attacked Kurdish-led forces.
By Nicole Todd | 6 November 2019