Central Asia | New Believer Flees Home

A new believer has fled his home after his family attacked him for his faith. This is what he told our local partners.
By Emily Watt | 11 October 2021

Tajikistan | Pastor Freed From Prison

A pastor in Tajikistan has been freed just before Christmas after spending three years in prison for worshipping in his church.
By Emily Watt | 8 January 2020

Kazakhstan | Church Leaders Lose Appeal

Three Protestant pastors have lost their appeal after being given four to five-year jail terms for leading a church in Almaty.
By Emily Watt | 18 December 2019

Central Asia | Christian Attacked By His Family

A believer in Central Asia has been attacked by his extended family after they found out about his faith in Jesus.
By Nicole Todd | 10 October 2019