Sri Lanka | One Of The Worst Easter Sunday Attacks In History

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23 April 2019

At Easter, persecution increases for Christians around the world in both severity and likelihood. This Easter was no different.

Eight bombs exploded across the country, including three churches where believers gathered for Easter services. Thousands of lives were changed in an instant with hundreds dead, injured or missing after the blasts.

How Is Open Doors Helping?

Amidst strict curfews and social media blocks, our team is on the ground, working with believers in Sri Lanka to learn of their immediate needs.

Once the situation is assessed, Open Doors will work to help strengthen the local church in Sri Lanka as they continue to follow Jesus even when it could cost them everything.

How Can You Help?

Please pray with the Sri Lankan church as they process the events of Easter Sunday and begin to rebuild their lives in the aftermath.

A local Open Doors worker said, “At the moment, the greatest need is prayer. Many churches, including ours, interrupted our Easter services for a while to pray for those affected… We prayed for healing and protection and for the families who had lost loved ones. I personally prayed for old and new believers, that these vicious attacks will not discourage them from following Christ.”

You can also stand One With Them by giving a day's wage. Stand united and support those who suffered for their faith over Easter.

We are praying for Sri Lanka. We are praying for all those who cannot gather safely to worship Jesus this Easter. We will not forget our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please Pray For Sri Lanka:

  • Pray for the thousands of people affected by these attacks in Sri Lanka, that they will not be discouraged from following Christ.
  • Pray that the nation of Sri Lanka will not live in fear but will come together to comfort and love one another.
  • Pray that those responding, especially the emergency services, will have energy and protection to serve in this situation.

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