North Korea | World Leaders Meet While The Country Starves

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6 March 2019

People living in North Korea are facing a dire situation. As the world focuses on the diplomatic stalemate between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, the food crisis is worsening.

The second meeting between the two leaders took place in Vietnam on 27 February. Kim and Trump met to negotiate the denuclearisation of North Korea and the sanctions imposed against it.

In the meantime, food in North Korea is running out.

Rations Cut In Half

In January, the North Korean government cut food rations in half, leaving every person only 300 grams of food each day. While wealthy North Koreans can buy additional food on the black market, the average citizen cannot afford this. They must resort to cooking with things like grass or bark, or go hungry.

The UN estimates that over 10 million people are in desperate need of food. 41% of the population are undernourished.

While North Korean leadership attributes food shortage to US sanctions, there are more factors at play. The country is reportedly facing their worst drought in two decades and harvests are poor.

The food shortage affects the whole country, but life is even worse for those imprisoned in labour camps. There are an estimated 50,000 Christians currently imprisoned for their faith.

North Korea is the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian according to the 2019 World Watch List.

According to local sources, persecution in North Korea is getting worse. Border control is stricter and citizens who try to escape are punished more harshly than ever before.

Your faithful prayers and support help provide food, medicine and winter provisions for 60,000 believers. “The fact that you are able to support us is proof that God exists,” said a Christian from North Korea. “Thanks to you, we know He has not forgotten us.”

Please Pray:

  • That God will work in this nation to provide much-needed resources, but also to see many people come to know Jesus.
  • For the survival of the persecuted church in North Korea, and that they will find their hope in the gospel.
  • Pray that the Church around the world would respond to and support our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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