North Korea | The Most Dangerous Country For Christians In 2019

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17 January 2019

Yesterday the 2019 World Watch List was released showing the 50 most dangerous countries to follow Jesus in 2019.

For the 18th year in a row, North Korea remains ranked number one on the 2019 World Watch List. 

There were a few instances in 2018 that were an opportunity for change, such as the summit in June where Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump met to discuss denuclearisation. The outcomes of these events have had little impact on an improved situation for North Korean Christians.

Christians in North Korea face extreme levels of pressure and violence in all areas of life, even just owning a Bible is illegal.

If Christians are discovered, they are sent to labour camps, tortured or even killed on the spot. It's estimated that there are 200,000-400,000 persecuted Christians living in North Korea, 50,000-70,000 of which are currently imprisoned for their faith. 

“When [my friend] came to faith, he made a decision that one day he would die for Christ. Every Christian in North Korea has made that choice… I am convinced he can take the suffering because he constantly reminds himself of the joy that is set before him.” – Christian from North Korea.

Please Pray For North Korea:

  • Pray for North Korean believers to fix their eyes on Jesus in the midst of suffering.
  • Pray for God to provide for those who desperately need food, water and shelter.
  • Pray for the gospel to go out in this nation.

Stay updated with news from the persecuted church.


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