North Korea | Refugee Chooses To Return

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By Emily Watt | 18 November 2020

70-year-old Mi-Ok* escaped North Korea earlier this year. After receiving your support, she has chosen to return and has penned a final letter of farewell.

“I am Mi-Ok from North Korea.

“I cannot find the words to express how grateful my heart is and how amazing God’s grace is upon me. The only thing I can say is thank you so much.

“When I received food, clothes, medicine and other living supplies from you, I cried out so much. I feel so thankful to God’s amazing love.

“This wasn’t my first time in China. But this time I saw, felt and realised so many things. My family and my ancestors are such faithful believers, and I followed in their footsteps.

“But it was only now that I learned how many people have been praying for us, the North Korean believers, and for our country. I am amazed that so many people care for us.

“My father and my mother served the underground church secretly. Even though we all experienced much suffering and persecution, my parents raised me and my siblings as Christians.

“I have kept the faith so far through your powerful prayers! Thanks to your prayers, I could experience the love of God.

“Whenever I see you, teacher (Open Doors supporter), I could feel that you are like Jesus, serving this generation.

“After I go back to my country, I do not know what kind of sufferings I may face. But I promise that I will keep my faith until the last day of my life. Please pray for me to be able to stand firmly. Also, pray for North Korea to be a country freed in Christ.

“I will miss you so much when we are physically apart. However, I will be looking forward to meeting you soon and worshipping God with loud voices in a Korea that’s unified by Christ’s love.

“Thank you so much again. I will keep you in my prayers even when I go back to North Korea.

“If possible, come to my house. I will serve you a large portion of corn rice!

“In Christ, I say goodbye.”

*Name changed for security purposes.

Pray  For North Korea:

  • Pray for the perseverance and steadfastness of Mi-Ok’s faith and that of other secret believers in North Korea.
  • Praise God that He has the power to transform. Pray He brings restoration and freedom to the nation.
  • Pray for safety and protection as secret believers like Mi-Ok live out and share the gospel.

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