North Korea | A Historical Summit With Little Outcome

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Image: Statue of leaders in North Korea
28 June 2018

Recently, the world had its eyes on the historic summit between two of the most well-known world leaders, Kim Jung-Un and Donald Trump.

The summit was an opportunity to see a great change in the nation of North Korea, for the benefit of both its citizens and the rest of the world.

However, according to Human Rights Watch’s Asia Director, Phil Robertson, the North Koreans were “betrayed” by the failure of US President Donald Trump to include human rights provisions in his agreement with the country’s leader, Kim Jun-un.

“The North Korean people have suffered for so long,” he told the BBC World Service, “and it looks like they’ll have to suffer for a little longer.”

An Optimistic Side

John Choi*, a Christian human rights advocate who escaped from North Korea and now lives in the UK, was more optimistic.

“Hopefully denuclearisation will lead to more money available to feed the everyday citizens of North Korea and provide them with a better life. President Trump said that the human rights issues are a continuing process. I am glad it is now on the agenda."

Regardless of the Summit outcomes, we hold to the fact that God is working in this Communist State. We will continue to support the 300,000 persecuted Christians living in North Korea, 50,000 of which are currently imprisoned for their faith. Your prayers make a difference!

*Name changed for security purposes

Please Pray:

  • Continue to pray for Christians in North Korea, that they’ll be strengthened in their situations.
  • Pray that God will reveal Himself to Kim Jun-Un and the communist state.
  • Pray that through these world meetings, that God transforms North Korea for His glory.

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Source: World Watch Monitor

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