Nigeria | Update On Leah, Kidnapped By Boko Haram

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Image: Photo accompanying the voice recording of Leah Sharibu that Boko Haram released to Nigerian media.
By Open Doors UK | 5 September 2018

Leah Sharibu’s parents, Nathan and Rebeccah Sharibu, have expressed their joy at hearing their daughter’s voice six months after she was first taken captive by Boko Haram.

Last week, an image of Leah Sharibu and an audio recording of her were released to the general public via a Nigerian newspaper. In the audio, Lead pleads for Nigeria’s president to intervene and help facilitate her release.

Leah is the only girl from Dapchi, Nigeria, who is still being held captive by militant Islamist group Boko Haram after they raided her school in February 2018. 

"May God Bless You All"

Leah’s father, Nathan, says: “My joy knows no bounds. That wonderful day when my neighbour came running to me and showed me that video clip on the internet, I heard my Leah’s voice."

“Honestly, I believe that Leah is alive today because of the prayers of believers... praise be to God that believers all over the world have taken our burden to become theirs."

“This situation has opened my eyes to see and understand that Christianity comes along with suffering and pain. If our master Jesus, who was blameless, was persecuted, how much more will we who are His followers."

"I am aware that Open Doors has been praying and spreading our story all over the world for prayers. May God bless you all and meet you too at the points of your needs. Thank you.”

"Your Prayers Give Me Strength To Carry On"

Leah’s mother added: “When I remember that Christians all over the world are praying for Leah, it gives me strength to carry on."

“This audio recording has brought hope to me and I believe that her freedom is on the way. God bless you all – especially Open Doors who have been praying and spreading the situation of persecuted Christians all over the world.”

Kidnapped By Boko Haram

Leah, 15, was the only Christian taken when the Islamist group Boko Haram abducted 109 girls during a raid on a school in Dapchi, in the north-eastern state of Yobe. Boko Haram later released 104, with the last five thought to have died in captivity.

Leah was held because she refused to denounce her faith, according to her father. He said in March, after hearing that Leah had turned down an opportunity to be released if she converted to Islam, that he was ‘very sad but also jubilant because my daughter did not denounce Christ’.

Please Pray:

  • That God would strengthen Leah in her captivity, that she would know His presence with her.
  • For Leah’s parents and friends, that God would comfort them in this time.
  • That God would move the hearts of Leah’s captors, and President Buhari, to compassion, and that she would be released. 

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