India | Four Children Orphaned

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By Emily Watt | 12 October 2020

Four children under ten years old in India have been left as orphans after their mother died of a throat infection. They had previously been rejected from their extended family and banished from their rural village because of their faith in Jesus.

The children’s mother came to faith several years ago but faced opposition from her family and friends.

A local church partner of Open Doors said, “After her husband’s death, she was expelled from her community and no one from her family helped her and her four children. She used to work as a daily wages labourer and also a domestic helper to fend for her little children.”

In India, opposition to Christianity has reached unprecedented levels, and is even worse in rural areas. Believers are commonly denied access to drinking water, threatened, or banished because of their faith.

Because of this, the children have no remaining family to care or provide for them.

Please pray for the four children as they deal with the loss of their mother and must rely on their church for care.

Pray  For India:

  • Pray the four children will be comforted, leaning into faith during this time of pain.
  • Praise God for the generosity of the church caring for the children. Pray for provision as they continue to support them.
  • Pray the younger generations of the Indian church will grow in spiritual maturity and share the love of Christ, no matter the cost.

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