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18 June 2018

Roman* was a very conservative Muslim who decided to disrupt a local church service. He wanted to target 'betrayers.'

“By ‘betrayers’ I meant ‘Christians with a Muslim Background,” Roman said. “I decided to go to the church service during Ramadan because I considered myself to be a devout Muslim. I want to prove my faith to Allah.”

The church service started, but Roman couldn’t force himself to stand up and cause a scene.

The words that were spoken touched him too much. “For the first time, I heard about a God who loved me. I never knew that the Almighty God loved me even though I am not perfect. That thought seriously never entered my mind. I always felt guilty. I felt that I had to earn His attention.”

At that moment, Roman repented and gave his life to Christ. “I never want to go back to the Muslim faith,” he said.

*Name changed for security purposes

Please Pray:

  • Praise God that Roman gave his life to Christ and is now a fellow Christian brother.

  • Pray for Muslims who persecute Christians, pray that they too will come to know they are loved by the one true God!

  • Pray that Christians remain faithful through persecution so persecutors come to know Jesus.

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