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Pakistan | Asia Bibi Is Finally Free

The Supreme Court has upheld its decision to acquit Asia Bibi. She was found not guilty of blasphemy in October 2018 but a challenge was launched by religious hardliners who held violent protests. But praise God, the hardliners have lost their appeal and Asia is finally free.
By Emma Rogers | 31 January 2019

Pakistan | Christian Freed From Blasphemy Charges

On 15 January, Pervaiz Masih was released after spending three-and-half years in prison, charged with insulting the prophet Mohammad in September 2015.
| 24 January 2019

Pakistan | Freedom For Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi's 10-year blasphemy case has reached a final verdict. We are relieved to hear that the Pakistani Supreme Court has dropped the charges against...
| 1 November 2018

Pakistan | Waiting For A Verdict For Nearly 10 Years – Asia Bibi

The final appeal was heard on 8 October by the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding the decade-long Asia Bibi blasphemy case.
| 25 October 2018