Prayer News

North Korea | Crackdown on Defectors

Family members of North Korean defectors are being held hostage to put pressure on those who have fled.
By Nicole Todd | 23 July 2019

Nepal | Increased Pressure And False Accusations

The situation for Christians in Nepal has deteriorated this year as the Criminal (Code) Act is used to target and accuse believers.
By Nicole Todd | 16 July 2019

Azerbaijan | Pastor Fined For Prayer Meeting

The pastor of a Baptist church, which has been seeking official registration for 25 years, lost an appeal when they were fined for holding a...
By Nicole Todd | 9 July 2019

Bangladesh | Mob Demolishes Pastor’s Home

A mob of 100 people attacked a pastor’s house while he and his family slept, completely destroying their home and property.
By Nicole Todd | 1 July 2019

Brunei | Sharia Law Now In Full Effect

By Jacob Ennever | 9 April 2019

Pakistan | Asia Bibi Is Finally Free

By Emma Rogers | 31 January 2019