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Vietnam | Authorities Help Families

Vietnam is one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian, and persecution is often left unchecked by authorities. But for three Christian families, something miraculous recently occurred.
By Emily Watt | 19 October 2020

India | Four Children Orphaned

By Emily Watt | 12 October 2020

Philippines | Churches Accused Of Communist Ties

Several churches and Christian organisations in the Philippines have been labelled “communist fronts” in a security briefing delivered by the Defence Secretary.
By Emily Watt | 5 December 2019

Central Asia | First Generation Church Growing

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the demise of the Berlin Wall, and the fall of the Soviet Union.
By Nicole Todd | 13 November 2019

Indonesia | Two Churches Forced To Close

By Nicole Todd | 10 September 2019

Laos | House Church Leader Beaten and Harassed

By Nicole Todd | 5 September 2019

North Korea | Crackdown on Defectors

By Nicole Todd | 23 July 2019