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Eritrea | Authorities Seize Religious Schools

Seven secondary schools run by religious minorities, including Christians, have been targeted and seized by authorities. Security forces stormed the school compounds and demanded the handover of control.
By Nicole Todd | 19 September 2019

Nigeria | 40 Christians Killed In The Lead Up To Easter

While the world has its eyes on the tragedy in Sri Lanka, the church in Nigeria also suffered a series of attacks during the Easter period.
By Jacob Ennever, Open Doors USA | 1 May 2019

Egypt | More Churches Legalised But Many More To Go

Egypt legalised 156 churches and service buildings on Tuesday, 5 March. The total number of approved Christian churches in Egypt is now 783.
By Jacob Ennever | 14 March 2019

Egypt | The Faith Of A Martyr's Son

By Jacob Ennever | 2 January 2019

Sudan | Surprising Verdict For The Church

By Jacob Ennever | 15 August 2018