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3 April 2019

On 26 March, Pastor Elahi Mondol was released following his imprisonment earlier this month in Bangladesh. The allegations against him, based on a 2015 incident, were false, as per the testimony of witnesses.

In the original charge, Elahi’s neighbour accused a different man of committing adultery with his wife. A local Islamic leader, Jamirul, threatened Elahi’s neighbour. He forced him to accuse Elahi.

In fact, Elahi was in Dhaka attending pastoral training at the time of the incident. The initial local findings declared him innocent based on this, as well as the testimony of his neighbours themselves. But four years later, police arrested Elahi in the middle of the night.

Many believe Jamirul was behind Elahi’s recent arrest. Previously, Jamirul targeted Pastor Elahi and his church for several years. He destroyed their church building and tried to stop them from gathering. Be he failed to deter them.

Since the case began, our local partners have supported Elahi and his family with prayer and finances. Though he is no longer in prison, Elahi is still suffering the effects of his traumatic experience. He has not been able to eat or sleep well.

“He was crying when he arrived home,” said a local partner. “He seems to be very frustrated and scared. His family, including all the church members, are afraid, especially the new believers.”

Please Pray:

  • Praise God that Pastor Elahi was released from prison.
  • Pray for Pastor Elahi’s physical, mental and spiritual recovery now that he has returned home.
  • Pray that the church community in this village will remain faithful despite fear.

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