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India | Persecution Rising In Rural Villages

In India, Christians in rural villages are facing increased pressure and violence.
By Jacob Ennever | 21 August 2018

Sudan | Surprising Verdict For The Church

Five church leaders appeared in court on Wednesday 8 August, prepared to defend the ownership of their church’s property.
By Jacob Ennever | 15 August 2018

Iran | Pastor Taken To Prison After Violent Raid On Home

On 22 July, Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani was arrested in Iran and taken to prison after a violent raid.
By Jacob Ennever | 9 August 2018
Image: Village in Rwanda - Adam Jones/CC

Rwanda | Over 8,000 Churches Closed This Year

The Rwanda Governance Board continues to close any church that fails to meet new requirements laid down at the beginning of the year.
By Jacob Ennever | 2 August 2018

Cameroon | Quranic Teacher Finds Jesus

By Emma Rogers | 25 July 2018