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Malaysia | Inquiry Finds State Behind The Disappearance of Raymond Koh

Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh was abducted with the involvement of state agents, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUKAHAM) declared on 3 April, following a year-long inquiry into Pastor Koh’s disappearance.
By Jacob Ennever | 5 April 2019

Bangladesh | Falsely Accused Pastor Released From Prison

On 26 March, Pastor Elahi Mondol was released following his imprisonment earlier this month in Bangladesh.
By Jacob Ennever | 3 April 2019

Syria | Strengthening The Church That Remains

As the Syrian civil war enters what could be its last year, Christians are trying to rebuild in the face of an uncertain future.
By Jacob Ennever | 27 March 2019

New Zealand | Pray For Christchurch

On Friday, 15 March, two mosques in Christchurch were attacked. 50 people lost their lives, with another 50 people injured.
By Open Doors New Zealand | 19 March 2019

Pakistan | Asia Bibi Is Finally Free

By Emma Rogers | 31 January 2019

Philippines | Church Bomb Attack

By Jacob Ennever | 30 January 2019