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UKRAINE | Authorities Target Churches

Churches in the east of Ukraine are experiencing increasing intimidation. Authorities have blocked many churches in the region from accessing electricity and water, and prohibited some Christian material, including the book of John.
By Emily Watt | 19 February 2020

SUDAN | Churches Destroyed Twice In One Month

Tags: Africa,Prayer News,Sudan
By Emily Watt | 13 February 2020

BURKINA FASO | Violence Hits All-Time High

The Human Rights Watch released a report last month revealing that over 250 people have lost their lives as a result of Islamic extremism in...
By Emily Watt | 6 February 2020

Nigeria | Extremists Take Life Of Pastor

Earlier this month, extremist group Boko Haram kidnapped the Adamawa state chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria. Last week, they executed him.
By Emily Watt | 30 January 2020

Kenya | 11 Christians Lose Lives In Attack

By Emily Watt | 19 December 2019