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Syria | An Update On The Conflict

A month ago, the conflict in northern Syria escalated when Turkish troops attacked Kurdish-led forces. Following a ceasefire agreement, the immediate situation has defused, though many experts warn of longer-term consequences for Christians in the region.
By Nicole Todd | 6 November 2019

IDOP | International Day Of Prayer

Tags: Sri Lanka
By Nicole Todd | 31 October 2019

China | Government Tightens Control

As China continues to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic, the lavish celebrations mask the increasing difficulties that religious minorities...
By Nicole Todd | 24 October 2019

Syria | Christians Caught In Escalating Conflict

As conflict escalates in northern Syria, 40,000 to 50,000 Christians are caught up in its midst.
By Nicole Todd | 15 October 2019

Eritrea | Authorities Seize Religious Schools

By Nicole Todd | 19 September 2019

Indonesia | Two Churches Forced To Close

By Nicole Todd | 10 September 2019

Laos | House Church Leader Beaten and Harassed

By Nicole Todd | 5 September 2019

North Korea | Crackdown on Defectors

By Nicole Todd | 23 July 2019