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Image: A camp near the border of Syria.
By Mike Gore | 13 September 2018

I’ve recently returned from a trip to the Syrian border where I was able to see many of the projects we run in both Syria and Lebanon.

I want to assure you that your prayer and financial help is making a great difference in this part of the world.

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Image: Mike handing out Knot Forgotten toys in Lebanon.

Many people are coming to Jesus through the work of the local church.

The DNA Of Every Believer

One of the driving beliefs we have at Open Doors is that caring for the persecuted church should be part of the DNA of everyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus. Because of that, we’ve re-vamped our monthly Frontline Partner program.

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We’re asking people to match one of the subscriptions in their lives to the survival of the persecuted church. It might be a monthly streaming service like Spotify or Netflix, or your monthly phone, internet or TV bill.

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I’m a passionate believer that charitable organisations should not demand your whole attention, but seek a commitment that allows people to support the work of other organisations too. We don’t want all of your charitable giving. Instead, we’re asking people to choose the lowest amount to support the persecuted church for the longest time.

Join The Frontline

I have met people who have been supporting the persecuted church for more than 30 years at $10 per month. They have walked with the persecuted church through the changing religious climate in China, the rise of ISIS and the ongoing increase in persecution.

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Image: Refugees receive practical support in Lebanon.

Whilst $10 may not sound like a lot, over 30 years we have seen it have a great impact spiritually (in prayer) and physically (through finances). So, I’m asking you to consider joining the frontline and matching a subscription in your life for the survival of the Church.

Thank you for all your support. I believe the need for Open Doors has never been greater and will only increase as we get closer to the return of our Lord.

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