The Church In China - Thriving In The Midst Of Persecution

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By Emma Rogers | 12 February 2019

“It is true that we all have to face persecution as disciples of Jesus Christ.” – Pastor Victor

Victor is an Open Doors partner, and has been a Chinese pastor for almost a decade.

His ministry began when he met his wife. He heard her story of conversion from Islam to Christ, and the persecution that came from within the Muslim community.

Now he ministers to church leaders who reach out to Muslims and new Christians. Grace is one of these leaders.

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Image: Woman reading a Bible in a church in Xian, China.

Grace is involved in churches full of Christians who have converted from Islam. She told us of the challenges she faces in holding church gatherings.

“Brothers and sisters are under much pressure and fear that they might lose their jobs or other freedoms,” she says.

The local government’s laws for illegal religious activities come with serious punishment, from unemployment to imprisonment. And Christian converts are suffering.

Believers rely on spiritual support from the body of Christ to endure. Grace is one of many leaders who minister to Christians suffering in this way.

She told us, “We are grateful that you make such an effort to come to us. You can’t imagine how much encouragement you have brought us.”

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Christians across Asia are living under daily pressure for their faith in Jesus.

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