South Asia Floods: How the Church Is Responding

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By Beth Ross | 14 September 2017

Over a thousand people have lost their lives in the floods sweeping through south Asia. Around a third of Nepal, Bangladesh and some parts of India have been under water since mid-August.

In Bangladesh alone, 5.7 million people have been affected by the floods and 300,000 people have been forced to flee. Many of them now live in makeshift camps. And if they’re Christians, they are less likely to receive emergency relief from the government.

In Bangladesh, those who leave Islam to follow Jesus have been facing this kind of persecution for years. In 2015, a Christian woman was even killed for collecting water from her local well. Now, with the added difficulty of the flood, the lack of clean water and adequate food many families are getting sick and waterborne diseases are spreading.

Through the local church we’ve been able to make a difference for flood victims in Bangladesh. Your support has enabled us to provided relief for 247 Christian families from a Muslim or Hindu background.

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Image: Relief for flood affected believers in Bangladesh

Nasir was one of the men who received food relief for his family. “Our family of five was in a crisis due to the prolonged flood.” He said. “We feel so blessed that you remembered us in our suffering.”

We were also able to help Dulal, and his family of seven. “We live from hand to mouth and can’t go to work because of the severe flood.” Dulal said. “Open Doors relief is a great blessing to our family. May the Lord bless you!”

Continue to pray for Christians in Bangladesh affected by the floods. Pray for a speedy recovery for those affected by waterborne diseases, and for relief efforts to go well.

Your help and your prayers make a difference.

Your Help Makes a Difference

Your ongoing support helps Open Doors respond immediately to the needs of the persecuted church.