Knot Forgotten: Strengthening The Children Of The Persecuted Church

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By Emma Rogers | 15 November 2018

The cost of following Christ is increasing around the world and children of the persecuted believers are most vulnerable. The church can encourage and strengthen young children by delivering handmade toys through Knot Forgotten.

The Children Of The Persecuted Church

Children often experience persecution for their parent’s faith in Jesus. Chinese children from the Zhejiang Province were asked to fill out a form at school stating they have no religion. Those who declare they are Christians are told to resubmit the form with a different answer. In places like Colombia and Syria children are often bullied and have no safe spaces to play. In Bangladesh, believers who leave Islam to follow Jesus risk their own lives and their children’s future.

Twelve-year-old Urmi belonged to a family of six. She lived in a predominantly Muslim village and kept her faith hidden for as long as she could remember.

“I have many friends in school,” Urmi said. “But they don’t know that my family and I are Christians. My teacher lives in our village and she knows that we are Christians, but I don’t think she’ll tell it to others.

“Pray for us,” Urmi said. “If people find out, they might kill us.”

What Is Knot Forgotten?

Open Doors aims to share the love of Jesus with children of the persecuted church through hand crocheted Knot Forgotten toys. The toys are handmade and delivered to bring joy to children who are persecuted for following Jesus. A toy also helps the local church share God’s love with children who don’t know Him yet.

Image: Children receiving Knot Forgotten toys in Central Asia.

Since October 2017, over 2,500 toys have been made and delivered to the Middle East, Central Asia and South East Asia.

The Impact Of A Toy

Each toy brings hope to a child and lets them know they are not forgotten. Our local partner from India, Sandeep, visited Australia to share what life was like for believers in India. Currently ranked the 11th hardest country in the world to follow Jesus, life is becoming increasingly hard for Christian children. Sandeep, took a Knot Forgotten toy home to give to a pastor whose 4-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted at school because of her faith. Sandeep told us that gestures like this help point persecuted children to Jesus in order to heal.

Bear In A Bag

You can remind a child in the midst of their suffering that they have not been forgotten by God or His Church. Buy a Bear In A Bag to get started making your first Knot Forgotten toy. We’ll send you everything you need to create your first toy and send it to a child of the persecuted church. You’ll also be supporting the work of Open Doors worldwide.

Bear In A Bag

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