Gifts That Won’t Collect Dust

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By Nicole Todd | 25 November 2019

With Christmas right around the corner, gift-buying stress is upon us. With the best intentions, we often choose gifts that are quick and easy but are relegated to the top shelf, sometimes never to be seen (or used) again.

This Christmas, we want to focus on Jesus – and help you do the same. We want to connect you with the persecuted church by giving gifts that build Jesus’ kingdom all over the world and help people follow Him, no matter the cost.

Here are some of our picks for Christmas gifts that do more than just collecting dust on a shelf.

The Gift Of The Word

In many countries, it is difficult, or even illegal, to own a Bible.

This Christmas, you can make an eternal impact by giving the Word of God to persecuted Christians in some of the most difficult places to follow Jesus.

GOH Image1
Image: Deliver a Bible bundle.

Your gift will help deliver Bibles, giving believers the chance to build strong foundations of faith, better understand the will of God, respond biblically to persecution and share Jesus in their community.

A secret believer in China said, “When we understood biblical truth, we could share the gospel. The church grew because of your support.”

The Gift Of Survival

In North Korea, if Christians are discovered, their entire family is sent to a labour camp, where many lose their lives. Church life is impossible, and famine is sweeping the nation.

Yet the secret North Korean church is continuing to grow.

GOH Image2
Image: Strengthen the North Korean church with a survival pack.

You can strengthen secret believers living the most dangerous place to follow Jesus by providing them with food, medicine and clothing this Christmas. By helping Christians survive, you are helping to ensure the future of the gospel in North Korea.

The Gift Of A Helping Hand

Disasters and persecution leave Christians vulnerable and without basic needs. In areas where Christians are targeted, families are often forced to flee with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing.

GOH Image3
Image: Provide emergency relief for Christians in desperate situations.

This Christmas, you can give emergency relief to a Christian family that provides for their basic needs, from legal, medical, and financial support to food and housing.

A family received food through Open Doors after they were forced to flee their homes and said, “This kept us alive and hopeful.”

You can be part of giving hope this Christmas, helping Christians to fix their eyes on Jesus, confident that their basic needs will be provided.

Gifts With A Difference

This Christmas, choose a gift that matters; a gift that won’t sit on a shelf collecting dust come January, but that will build Jesus’ kingdom all over the world.

Gifts Of Hope help people follow Jesus all over the world, no matter the cost. And with 11 to choose from, there’s a gift for everyone this Christmas.

Gifts Of Hope

Gifts With A Difference, That Make A Difference

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