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By Emily Travers | 6 December 2017

Welcome To Gifts Of Hope!

The gifts in this Gift Catalogue are linked directly with our work in the field, supporting the persecuted church. Buy a gift for your friends and family this Christmas, you'll receive a free 'Hope' Greeting Card. 

(Order by 15 December to receive printed card in the mail by Christmas, or download a PDF to print at home!)

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1. Bible Delivery | $20

Hope looks like a Bible. 

The word of God has the power to transform the life of any man, woman or child. That's why we continue to deliver the Bible into some of the most dangerous places worldwide.

This gift places a Bible in the hands of an underground church leader, evangelist, refugee, child or new Christian. Giving a Bible provides a gift that many Christians consider their most valuable possession.


2. Bike Project | $60

Hope looks like pastors on motorbikes!

“I have to travel up to 500km for ministry... I am really grateful for the timely support of this motorbike in my work to plant churches among the indigenous people!”
– Pastor Barka

This card will take the gospel further, providing missionaries with motorbikes and bicycles so they can visit families in surrounding villages. 


3. Evangelism To Muslims | $75

Hope looks like Muslims meeting Jesus.

“We pray for Muslims to see the truth and receive visions and dreams of Jesus. Each year we hear testimonies of that actually happening...”
– A Christian living in the Muslim world

This card helps believers take the gospel to Muslims searching for God in West Africa. It equips local Christians to reach out to their Muslim community with the love of Jesus. 


4. Rebuilding The Church In Iraq | $100

Hope looks like a new beginning.

Over the last few years you have been feeding and supporting the church in Iraq. The city of Mosul and surrounding villages have finally been liberated from the Islamic State. Now it’s time to rebuild. Christians are returning to their villages, homes and churches devastated by war.

This card helps them begin again, and to be the light of the gospel in the darkness. 


5. Job Creation | $247

Hope looks like providing for your family.

Following Jesus in some countries could mean losing your job, your income and your home.

This card trains one person in the skills they need to start their own small businesses in farming, food production and other trades. Your gift gives Christians a way to provide for their families and to continue being a light in their communities. 


6. Disciple A Secret Believer | $1,500

Hope looks like strengthening the underground church!

We can't tell you what country this project is in because it puts local believers at risk. But we can tell you that faith here is forbidden and discipleship is extremely dangerous.

This card gives a secret believer an opportunity to be flown out of their country to a place where they can safely be trained and discipled. When they return, we connect them with other secret Christians online and through secure social media, creating a digital underground church.  


Your gift makes a difference to the lives of persecuted Christians

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7. Children's Christmas Gift | $7

Hope looks like sharing the gift of Jesus.

Christmas is the only time of year when some families open their homes to Christians. Gifts are a great way to share the message of the gospel. Last year it brought many people back to Jesus, and this year we want to do it again.

This card will help the church provide gifts for 4,500 people. Your support takes God's love into struggling homes, orphanages and hospitals in Central Asia. 


8. Children's Ministry | $12

Hope looks like the next generation growing in Christ.

Christians in Ethiopia risk their lives daily to follow Jesus. Children are often forced to go to an Islamic school where they’re harassed for their family's faith. We want to share the gospel with the next generation.

This card makes Sunday school happen. We aim to deliver 10,000 Bibles to children in Ethiopia and train up 30 children’s ministry teachers.


9. Provide Trauma Care | $45

Hope looks like healing and restoration.

Many members of the persecuted church have suffered trauma for their faith. This can impact individuals, families and entire communities. We want to teach people how to deal with their trauma and find healing.

This card helps train 350 church leaders and counsellors on how to care for those dealing with trauma. Your helps knits together the body of Christ, allowing them to continue sharing the gospel. 


10. Empower Persecuted Women | $105

Hope looks like empowering women in Egypt.

Christian women in Egypt experience persecution daily and many are denied an education. This card pays for one women to be empowered to have access to employment and be able to read the Word of God for themselves. Many Muslims are also learning to read and write and coming to know Jesus.

We will run 163 literacy classes, lead 11 discipleship groups and host 30 training seminars for teachers, impacting the lives of over 2,000 women in the Middle East.


11. Support Local Missionaries | $150

Hope looks like a family united in Christ.

Our mission is to strengthen the persecuted church so they can be light in their community. This means looking after the spiritual and emotional needs of church leaders and their families.

This card supports families, uniting them in Christ and ready to share the gospel. We are sending 282 church leaders to marriage and family seminars and a self-care retreat. You are helping the local church fulfil the Great Commission in their community. 

12. Support A Martyr's Family | $475

Hope looks like someone who cares.

In some parts of the world following Jesus can cost your life. We want to support families who have lost a loved one because of their faith. Through your support, we are able to send our local partners into broken homes to support 11 hurting families.

This card helps give a family the ongoing emotional, spiritual and financial support they need.

“We are continuously praying for those who are supporting us,” said one widow. “God bless all of them who are standing with us in our difficult time.”

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Give hope to the persecuted church this Christmas!

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