Mid-Year Appeal

As persecution rises, so too do the needs of the persecuted church. Will you give a life-changing gift today?

Saratu lost everything when Muslim extremists attacked her Christian village in Nigeria.

“The Fulani killed my husband, they burned my house, all of it,” she said. “There isn’t anything I was able to carry from it. I have a baby that is very young. I need help.”

It’s been a tough year around the world, which means that we need to raise $100,000 before 30 June to fulfil our commitments to the persecuted church. As persecution increases, so too do the needs of persecuted Christians – and they need your help now more than ever.

Many Nigerian women have become widows because of violent clashes with extremists. Right now, we can’t even support half of the widows who desperately need food to provide for their families.

But your gift can help ensure that life-changing projects go ahead. That families are fed. That the Word of God is delivered to believers.

Will you give a life-changing gift today, and make a difference for persecuted Christians who have lost everything for their faith?

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