Christmas Appeal

Donations Doubled* This December!

This Christmas, thanks to one of our generous donors, the first $50,000 raised for this appeal will be doubled! That means you can double your impact for the persecuted church this Christmas!

"Don’t Be Afraid When Persecution Comes"

The persecuted church remains one of the most hope-filled stories on the planet. 

Bahia*, a 22-year-old from India told us, “Don’t be afraid when persecution comes to you. It’s part of Christian life. It’s a privilege to be persecuted. Don’t become sad or discouraged.” 

As a ministry, we’re not here to end persecution. We say that this is one of the most hope-filled stories because persecution is a sign of successful Christianity.

Because of your support, Open Doors is on the ground strengthening the church in the face of persecution. You're helping believers shine brightly for Jesus and strengthening them through access to God’s Word, basic needs like food and water, and skills to work.

This Christmas will you help us continue this gospel-advancing work by giving to the persecuted church?


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Every Christmas, we ask for your support of the persecuted church. It’s one of the most dangerous times of the year for believers. We would like to ask you to pray and give.

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1. Pray

Persecution often increases around Christian holidays, like Christmas. Please pray for believers who will face persecution this Christmas.

A pastor in Egypt asked us to pray with them:

"We ask that we will be bold and clear in sharing our faith," he said, "that we will be faithful in that persecution even if it costs us our lives. Will you tell your friends to pray these prayers with us?"


2. Give

We need your help to meet our 2018 commitments to the persecuted church and raise $150,000 by 31 December. 

At recent Open Doors International meetings, we were told that unless the Western church can help, our ministry–globally–will have to cut our field work by 15%. Will you help continue the underground, gospel-advancing work that we’ve been doing for over 60 years? 

Can you give before 31 December to help us meet our commitments to the persecuted church?


Country Focus: Iraq

In Iraq, this is how your help is making a difference this year:



“Only the Word of God can rebuild a human... My dream is to reach all people in Iraq with the Holy Bible.” – Bible Distribution Partner

We believe the Word of God has the power to change people.



“My hope for the future of the church in Iraq is a church that can thrive, not just survive.” – Training Partner

Training programs strengthen believers in their faith for when persecution comes.

Icon-Practical Support

Practical Support

“We have many relatives asking us to come join them [overseas]. But we want to stay here.” – Small Business Loan Recipient

Right now, practical support looks like creating jobs and helping families start again.

Thank You

For Being A Part Of Advancing The Gospel.
Your Help Makes A Huge