Centres Of Hope In The Middle East

You Can Help Families Rebuild

Across Iraq and Syria, many Christians have decided to return home and rebuild after years of war. But they often find themselves without an income and the means to start again.

Today, you can bring hope into seemingly hopeless situations.

Through our local partners, Open Doors have built ‘Centres of Hope’ across Iraq and Syria. These centres distribute food, run youth and children’s activities, teach English, disciple new believers and provide business loans.

But there is still more to be done. 

Will you help build a new Centre of Hope in the Middle East, to strengthen Christians who remain?

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“The families are perplexed and confused about their future. They are without jobs; their houses are destroyed or damaged. There are so many challenges in people’s lives.”

— Pastor Abdallah, Syria


“I get this package for myself, my son’s wife and my grandchild. My son was kidnapped five years ago. This really helps us.”

— Abraham, Syria



"The expenses are unimaginably high. My salary is low, and I have no one else who can work."

— Abdel, Syria


"We should be the same way as our Lord Jesus Christ, offering a better life for people spiritually, but also practically. As a Church we want to stand next to the people and help them." – Pastor Abdallah

Will you give a gift that helps families rebuild after years of war?

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