By giving a child the Word of God, you help them follow Jesus, no matter the cost. Will you give a life-changing gift today?

In Vietnam, printing and owning Bibles is heavily restricted, making it incredibly difficult to follow Jesus. 

Hong An was nine-years-old when she received a Children’s Bible from one of our local partners.

“My favourite story is Noah’s ark,” she said. “God told him to make a boat and he did it. God told him to bring his wife, his children, and the animal couples with him and he did it. He does what God tells him. Because of Noah, I learned to obey God.” 

Hong An already has a passion to share Jesus with her friends.

“I shared the Bible stories with my friends and hoped they would listen,” she said. “I want to share this Bible because I know God loves me.”

When our local partner arrived to distribute the Children’s Bibles, children had been waiting for two hours just to get their hands on a Bible. Others had been waiting for years.

Your gift could deliver more Children’s Bibles in Vietnam and help children like Hong An to grow in their faith and share the gospel with their friends. 

Today, would you give the gift of children’s Bibles to young believers in Vietnam?

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Tuan is ten-years-old and received his Children’s Bible last year. He loves to share his favourite Bible stories with his friends.

Your gift will help a child in Vietnam write their story of courageous faith in one of the most dangerous places to follow Jesus on the planet.
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