Bibles For Believers In Asia

Every Bible Changes Lives 

The ministry of Open Doors started to give people access to Jesus in some of the most oppressed countries on the planet.

We believe one of the best ways we can do that is by providing people with the Word of God. The Bible is the living, breathing and active Word of God. It has the ability to change lives and transform communities, churches and nations.

That’s why this month, we’re asking for your help to:
– Deliver Bibles to 16 countries across Asia.
– Purchase one Bible for $20, or five for $100.

We don’t just send Bibles – we deliver them. That means every Bible has a destination and a purpose.

Each Bible has been requested by our local contacts in country, to give to a specific person, church or pastor.

Can you partner with us to see the gospel spread in Vietnam and across 15 other countries in Asia?

Give 1 x Bible for $20, or 5 x Bibles for $100.


“The challenge for us is that we don’t have enough [Bibles] to distribute. Each year people want more and more...I think that shows how many lives it changes and transforms.” 
– Open Doors worker in Vietnam

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