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Inspire and enrich your church’s pursuit of bold faith.  

An Open Doors Sunday is your opportunity to unite with the global body of Christ. Hear stories of faithful perseverance and allow these stories to challenge believers in your church to become courageous disciples of Christ. Support the persecuted church by hosting an Open Doors Sunday 

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“We need to support one another. We need to see the body of Christ grow together.”  


- Fred Gitonga, survivor of the 2015 Garissa University attack in Kenya.


Host An Open Doors Sunday


Feature Open Doors

Dedicate a segment of your regular Sunday service to the persecuted church. 

Persecution-focused Sermon

Dedicate an entire Sunday service to the persecuted church by implementing Open Doors resources throughout your service.


Host a Speaker

Invite an Open Doors speaker to your church.


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Pastors, Grow Your Congregation's Faith.

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“Open Doors provides a unique way for us to reach parts of the world that would be otherwise impossible, while inspiring our home church to a deeper level of faith in Jesus.”


– Pastor Mark and Darlene Zschech, HopeUC