A Dedicated Faith

A Christian Response To Ramadan

15 May - 14 June

As Muslims all over the world celebrate the month of Ramadan, they dedicate themselves to fasting, prayer and seeking forgiveness.

During Ramadan, believers in Islamic countries face increased persecution. Many Christians also fast and pray to be strengthened in their faith and bold in sharing the gospel to their Muslim neighbours.

We’re asking Groups, Churches and Individuals to choose a day between 15 May and 14 June and:

1. Fast from sunrise to sunset. Use the day to focus on prayer.

2. Pray for Muslims to come to know Christ and Christians to be bold in their faith. 

3. Gather together to break the fast, pray and reflect on your day.

4. Give and raise funds to support the church in the Muslim world.


Get Involved

Get Involved

ADF Circles Leaders2

Lead A Group

Lead a church, study or youth group and we'll send you a resource pack, including a leader’s guidebook and participant prayer guides.

ADF Circles Individual5

Individual Prayer Resources

Whether you’re praying by yourself or as part of a group we'll email you a prayer guide and journal.


Training Disciples In The Muslim World

Funds raised as part of A Dedicated Faith will go towards projects liked teaching church leaders to disciple Muslim background believers.

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