Leave A Lasting Legacy

Your Passion Lives On

A bequest or a legacy gift can be the most important gift you ever give. By giving a bequest to Open Doors through your will, you ensure that your passion lives on and that persecuted believers in Jesus Christ continue to receive the help they need. A bequest can continue to impact the lives of many people around the world into the future.

Open Doors is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus and serving the needs of persecuted Christians. We remain committed to seeing your passion lived out.

Today, you can impact the lives of generations to come.

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How Do I Leave A Legacy?

Firstly, we encourage you to have a conversation with your family and your solicitor. Once you’ve had a conversation with them, we'd love you to contact us through the form below or call our office at (04) 232 7055.

Contacting us about your bequest will help us ensure that your gift will be allocated to the work or region around the world you are most passionate about.

Contact Us

Fill out the form and an Open Doors team member will get in touch to speak to you about your bequest.

“I have had the privilege of seeing the work and impact of Open Doors around the world. We could do none of this without the incredible generosity of our supporters. I want to thank you for considering how you will make a difference to the lives of persecuted believers into the future.”

- Mike Gore, CEO Open Doors Australia